Still Alive. Be Happy.

Apps for study English that I recommend !! / izuimkunがおすすめする英語学習のためのアプリ

You can change the display JP to EN or EN to JP when you switch the tab.

Hi, This is Izumikun who alive on 9692 days from my birth day.


I started to study English. I don’t feel my confidence. But I do the promise myself. Good luck me.

Today, I’ll introduce to how to study English with using Apps own way.


I use these!

  • Twitter : To make a short sentence
  • Instagram : To share my situation
  • LINE : To write down my notice
  • HiNative : To check to use right english
  • Real英会話 : To practice english flase
  • Duolingo : To get some english words
  • TEDICT : To listen real English speech by TED