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Meaning of Maneki-neko’s hands. /招き猫の手の意味

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Hi, this is Izumikun (Day 9693)


By the way, there are maneki-neko raised right hand or left hand. What does it mean??

I researched it, so I’ll share it.

What’s Maneki-Neko ?

Maneki-Neko is lucky item in Japan.
It’s called “Lucky Cat” in the world

Born in the Edo period.

【The main production areas】
Aichi : Seto City, Tokoname City
Ishikawa : Kanazawa City, Komatsu City, Kaga City and Nomi City

Why it raise the hand ?

Maneki-Neko is said that invite good fortune.
Because they raise the hand always, on a sunny day, on a rainy day.

However, if you compare the lucky-cat of Japan and the United States, you can see that the orientation of their hands is different.

Their palm is facing forward in japan, but, is facing back forward in US. This is a cultural difference.

What’s difference right or left ?

When you see it, you can tell this for friends.

If the cat raises right hand, it invites a lot of money.
And, if the cat raises left hand, it invites many people.

Let’s go to Tokoname!!

Please come to Tokoname to see the maneki-neko!

See you again!