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英語学習をはじめる理由 / The reason that I start to learn English.

You can change the display JP to EN or EN to JP when you switch the tab.


That reason why, I write this theme 「The reason that I start to learn English.」.

The reason why 3 steps

Why do you study English?

I have been wanted to speak English. But I’m not good at study about all subjects from child-foot.

However, I visited Tokoname last year. I met some people and culture. I want to speak about TOKONAME people and culture for all.

I taught that I need the English skills.

Why don’t you satisfy Japanese? Why English ?

Because, There is no people that talk about the Tokoname culture in English.

I want to be curator about the Tokoname. I want to introduce some culture, foods, legacy and sightseeing spot.

Why Now?

Now is rest time.

All people can’t go out because COVID-19.

But, The day will come.

Some English Speaker will come Tokoname.

Tokoname City needs the person that can speak English about the Tokoname culture and introduce various things.

So I need to study English Now.

How do you study English?

I think 3 method.

1. Drawing Diary

I write the Diary on this blog.

Do you know Rio Arai? He published “The boy of English Diary”. He introduced the method ” English Diary ” in his book. And he has talked on TEDx.

I imitated this method and write the diary in English.


Some English Students forget Speaking English. But, Our goal is always to Speak English fluently.

So, I speak in English more more more.
I decided good method. It’s a Shadowing with TEDICT.


I don’t have a lot of money. So, I can’t bought some books about grammar etc…

But, Some people can watch YouTube.There are some English Teacher on YouTube.

I’ll study English grammar by English Teacher on YouTube.

And, I’ll ask the question to my friend.

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Be an English Speaker.

See you again.